Space Adam Special Apexplorers (400 ltd ed white) Hot Toys & Winton Ma 2010 MIB


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Space Adam Special Apexplorers (ltd ed white) Hot Toys & Winton Ma MIB

400 exemplaires seulement

D’occasion mais superbe état. complet RARE.
Le packaging a des traces d’usage

This collectible figure is 1:6 scale fully poseable, and approximately stands 35 cm tall with over 20 points of articulation:

The Space Adam collectible comes with

  • Gear Belt
  • Space Clothing
  • Inside Jacket
  • Blaze Gun
  • Space Boots
  • Space Gloves
  • Ape Hands
  • Space Power Engines
  • Space Helmet
  • Apes DNA Test Tube
  • Power Controller**Limited Edition**